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This single-point enunciator provides a visual and audible warning of an alarm condition occurring at a re-mote location. It operates, either with the Room Pres-sure Monitor Model RPM-1 which supplies the necessary power to the enunciator, or with any dry contact and an external power supply.

Under normal conditions, the green LED is "STEADY ON". When an alarm condition occurs, the green LED turns off, the red LED "FLASHES ON" and the audible alarm "PULSES ON". Momentarily pressing the ac-knowledge button silences the audible alarm but the red LED stays "FLASHING ON", as a reminder, until the alarm fault is corrected. When the conditions are nor-mal again, the enunciator resets itself. The green LED returns to "STEADY ON", the red LED and audible alarm are "OFF".

Behind the front panel are two potentiometers. The first potentiometer adjusts the volume of the audible alarm, from a minimum level of 67dbA to a maximum level of 73dbA at a distance of 12 inches (30 cm). The second potentiometer provides a variable time delay from the moment the alarm is received by the enunciator, until it responds to the time delay. This delay may be adjusted between 5 and 45 seconds. The enunciator will not change to the alarm mode if the alarm condition disappears before the end of the time delay. This eliminates nuisance alarms caused by short transients.

When the signal to the enunciator is a dry contact, this contact must be closed under normal conditions. The current through the contacts is i mA. The external power supply to the enunciator can be between 7 and 30 Vdc. The maximum supply current is 13 mA.

The enunciator is designed for flush installation in a wall. The front panel is the same size as the standard electrical wall plate (2¾" x 4½"). It is supplied with a standard plastic (PVC) switch box, 2 13/16" deep. This box includes four integral clamps, swing arms and ears. Other boxes with a minimum depth of 1 ¼" may be substituted by the user.