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Digital Persona


User authentication and authorization processes are the gatekeepers to your business systems, connecting users to the broader security infrastructure. Problems with the user authentication process can compromise the security of your business systems. The best designed system and application security is of little use if an authorized user gives their password to someone over the phone.  User authentication is proving problematic and costly for many organizations. The situation is analogous to the networking world, in which the "last mile" that connects users to a high-speed infrastructure can be the most difficult and costly to implement. Until we can better handle the last mile of the security infrastructure, the entire infrastructure is at risk. According to the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), compromised passwords are involved with 80% of the security problems they investigate. There is a better way to handle user authentication. Biometric technologies identify individuals based on their physical characteristics. The technology has matured in recent years, and is now ready for mass adoption. Fingerprint biometrics are a viable and practical alternative for user authentication, even for small and mid-sized organizations.  DigitalPersona offers complete biometric authentication solutions – reducing the cost and risks associated with password authentication.  

About Fingerprints

Fingerprints have been used for centuries for identification, as far back as ancient China. All fingerprints are unique, and that makes them ideal for personal digital identification. Each and every one of our ten fingerprints is unique, different from one another and from those of every other person. Even identical twins have unique fingerprints! 

Unlike passwords, PIN codes and smartcards, our fingerprints are impossible to lose or forget, and they can never be stolen.

Patterns Are Telling

Over the years, experts have classified groupings of prints based on types of patterns in the fingerprint ridges. There are 3 basic pattern groupings, each with a number of subgroups. 

 Loop: The loop is the most common type of fingerprint pattern and accounts for about 65% of all prints. 

Arch: The Arch pattern is a more open curve than the Loop. There are two types of arch patterns the Plain Arch and the Tented Arch. 

Whorl: Whorl patterns occur in about 30% of all fingerprints and are defined by at least one ridge that makes a complete circle.

Corporate IT Security

Many corporate and government organizations are finding that password-based user authentication is neither secure nor inexpensive. Administrators attempt to maintain secure user authentication by forcing users to change passwords every thirty to ninety days. Users who forget their passwords typically make up fifty percent of all support calls, while others simply resort to writing the password on a Post-It note. 
[ DigitalPersona Biometric Authentication Solution (PDF 57 KB) ]

U.are.U Pro Fingerprint Security System

The U.are.U Pro Fingerprint Security System frees corporations from the burden and limitation of password-based security. U.are.U is a complete, plug-and-play solution -- including software and fingerprint sensor - that heightens security, reduces costs and increases convenience by replacing passwords with the touch of a finger.